Our engraver's quizzes received more positive responses from our old newletter than any other part of the letter; with the web page, we'll continue offering them. This first one is a general purpose quiz; each measure has at least one, and no more than three, mistake(s). (Well, deliberate mistakes, anyway. . .) For conductors who have performed this piece: no, Dr. Powell has not revised it--he simply agreed to add a few minor items to make it work in our "quiz."

The "answers" follow--both the mistaken and corrected versions can be downloaded in pdf format, if desired.  


Following is the corrected version, with commentary underneath:

Mistakes in the "top" Lamb:

  • m. 1: piano dynamic should be between piano staves; tempo marking "Gently" should have its left edge directly over the left edge of the time signature.
  • m. 2: stem on the high "f" is too short.
  • m. 3: empty measure in voice parts should be whole rest; "b" in piano r.h. should be downstem.
  • m. 4: soprano dynamic "crashes" into measure number; bottom dot in piano r.h. voice two is incorrect; Bb tie is upside down.
  • m. 5: word extension in alto is too long.
  • m. 6: eighth notes in voices should be beamed together, not flagged; "16vb" is incorrect--"15mb" is the correct marking for a two octave displacement.
  • m. 7: STB parts should not have word extensions; soprano Bb stem should be shortened (as written, it appears that the note is lower than the Ab preceding it).
  • m. 8: notes in piano r.h. 3rd beat are reversed--the voice one Bb should be in the stationary position and the voice two Ab should be displaced to the right.
  • m. 9: overall spacing is unacceptable--note the uneven spacing of the eighth notes in the piano; the voice two dot in the piano r.h. should be below the line; the word "feed--" is placed poorly: it should be centered on the note as if there were no punctuation.
  • m. 10: dynamic markings ("cresc.") should be italics and must appear on all staves; the sixteenth note stems are too long--they should match the length of the quarter note stems.


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