Links to Related Sites:

Companies with notation software:

  • MakeMusic, Inc.: makers of Finale music notation software.
  • Graphire: makers of Music Press music notation software.
  • Sibelius: music notation home page.
  • Score: music notation linking page.
  • Music Notation Software: a linking site with connections to virtually every notation software company on the web.

Engraving information:

  • Big site of music notation: a useful web site at Colorado College with quite a few good examples illustrating basic music engraving conventions.
  • Common music notation and Computers: A large site with many links to notation related sites.
  • Once upon a time there was a useful site connected to the Ghent contemporary music project. If anyone knows where it went, please let us know and we'll put it here.

Finale-related sites:

  • Finale Productivity Tips: A terrific site run by Jari Williamsson that includes a wide array of useful tips and a complete set of Finale plug-ins.
  • TGTools Plug-in Collection: Tobias Giesen's TGTools is the biggest, most complete set of plug-ins available for Finale.
  • Patterson Plug-ins: Robert Patterson's plug-ins, particularly his "Patterson Beams," are "must-have" items for Finale users.

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